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Honorable Mentions

Your Casting Academy’s founder, Mike Migliara, has been a casting director for over 15 years. In the audition room, he has directed, coached and worked with a multitude of actors, including privately for self tapes. Some of the actors Mike has worked with repeatedly are well established names in the industry such as Tim Rozon, Caroline Neron, Michael Mando, Cindy Sampson, to name a few. Some consider him a mentor.

The actors below are actors he has privately coached and/or students that have attended Your Casting Academy and are now working professional actors!!!

Their achievements validate Your Casting Academy’s training and the methodologies formed by it’s founder Mike Migliara!!

Our approach and methods are proving to be effective and are giving actors the power to get booked for roles!!

We give a standing ovation to all of these incredible talented individuals and wish them the best!!

  • Mikaël Conde
  • Tim Rozon
  • Sebastian Labissiere
  • Sam Ashe Arnold
  • Guido Grasso Jr
  • Scott Cleland
  • Goûchy Boy
  • Kyle Meagher
  • Amber Goldfarb
  • James Raynard
  • Jaeda Leblanc
  • Kyria Ossa
  • Claudia Ferri
  • Domenic Longo
  • Marc Trottier
  • Vanessa Bloomfield
  • Sarah Booth
  • Draeven McGowan
Cancellation Policy: Student must cancel 10 business days in advance of class start date to receive a 50% refund.There are no refunds for students who withdraw less than 10 business days in advance of class start date.

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