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Mike Migliara

Mike Migliara was born and raised in Montreal and received his Baccalaureate in Fine Arts from the University of Concordia where he majored in Theatre and Film. Mike Migliara’s teachings are unique as they draw upon his academic background in theatre and film while also incorporating his inside knowledge of the casting process, the audition room, and his over 15 years on-set experience. .

He has now been a Casting Director for over 15 years, is a member of the “Casting Directors Society of Canada”, and has worked in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Montreal and Ottawa conducting nationwide and local talent searches. He has worked for many major Hollywood production companies such as Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, and the top production companies in Canada, such as Lions Gate, Ubisoft, Muse Entertainment, and many more.

Mr. Migliara’s extensive resume includes titles such as Get Smart (2008),  Blue Mountain State series (2010-2011)Assassin’s Creed: Lineage (2009)The Jacket (2005)Silent Night (2012)Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) and Polytechnique (2009). Throughout his career, he has worked alongside big industry names such as George Clooney, Denis Villeneuve, Jim Donovan, Peter Segal, Mark Waters, Larry Franco,  and in the process has contributed to developing several award-winning and very successful films.

Mr. Migliara has applied his expertise to direct actors such as Michael Mando in audition sessions, who now stars in the series Better Call Saul (2015-present); and privately coach Tim Rozon, who now plays as Doc Holliday in Wynonna Earp (2016). He has also applied his coaching abilities to develop local talent such as Sam Ashe Arnold. His extensive insight into the casting process gives Mr. Migliara a comprehensive understanding of the skills and practices that are crucial to getting booked. He founded Your Casting Academy to give Ottawa actors the opportunity to learn from his own industry experiences, so that they can truly achieve a career in acting.








Tomas Chovanec
Tomas Chovanec has been a professional actor for over twenty years, earning his ACTRA card while still in high school at Etobicoke School of Arts in Toronto.

“Moving to Ottawa from Toronto, I wasn’t sure what the tv/film scene was like here, but I quickly found out there’s loads of work happening here.”

Some recent film/tv credits include: Jade’s Asylum, Murdered at Seventeen, His Perfect Obsession, Eyewitness, Reign, Cracked, Hemlock Grove.

Whether it’s an actor role, principal role, guest lead role, recurring role, lead role, he has the tools to be ready “on the day”.

With techniques learned from years of studying at Pro Actors Lab, Meisner technique with John Riven, audition technique with Ron Leach, voice work wit Rae-Ellen Bodie, he knows how to work moment to moment, and work truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

“I’ll often be asked by curious people wanting to know what it’s like getting to pretend all the time when you’re acting, is it fun to pretend to be a cop/lawyer/doctor/criminal etc…, I will tell them my approach is more in line with; acting isn’t about pretending, it’s about revealing.”

Acting truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Bring your life experience, use your imagination, and learn how to make it read on camera.


Kelly Hope Taylor 

Kelly Hope Taylor is an actor from Toronto currently based between Ottawa and Montreal. Past work includes recurring and guest roles for several television series on Showcase, UPN (with Taye Diggs and Christina Hendricks), CTV, and the Lifetime Network. Her most recent work in the film Good Sam will be airing on Netflix in Spring 2019. Alongside film and television, Kelly has had several commercial campaigns for brands such as Samsung, Quaker, Tim Hortons, and Winners. Kelly is also a certified educator with the Ontario College of Teachers with her Honours Specialist in Dramatic Arts Education.


Sally Taylor Isherwood 

Sally is amazing! She is not only our Voice Instructor, but also one of our experienced on camera professionals that teaches our screen acting classes. Sally Taylor Isherwood was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. She has over 20 years experience. She has experience in film, television, animation and theatre. She graduated from the theatre program at Canterbury High School and went on to graduate from Carleton University with a Major in Film Studies.

Sally has a passion for acting and loves coaching those who are willing to learn and grow their skills. She played a lead on “Overruled” which aired on the Disney channel and re-voiced an actor in an Oscar nominated film, “Chocolat.” Her most recent role was playing the character of Music in the hit animation series “Kuu Kuu Harajuku.”


Patrick Bugby

Patrick Bugby has been enthralled by film and theatre from a young age. This passion has driven him to pursue mastery of the English language and performance. He has been extensively trained by the best industry professionals in Ottawa (Third Wall Theatre Company, The Ottawa School of Speech & Drama) in classical Shakespeare, as well as contemporary acting styles making him very versatile. He has been a part of the acting scene in Ottawa for over 8 years, having had roles in many plays and films, such as critically acclaimed Fringe Productions “Moon Fleece”, “Fuji”, & “Eclipse”. Patrick has also worked behind the scenes in many theatre companies, such as the “GCTC’s God of Carnage”. Film credits include speaking roles in  György Pálfi’s “His Master’s Voice”  and “Right to Passage” (Nightshoot Productions). Patrick is the head of our Voice & Movement department, and turns our students into top of the line professionals for voice over work in commercials, video gaming, and animation. He also gives students the capacity to perform for the stage in any sized theater. Lastly, his methodologies in movement get our students in top shape to be eligible for motion capture performance in the video game industry.


Jesse Palangio

Writer, Director, Actor and Producer Jesse Palangio has an Ontario College Advanced Diploma in theatre arts from Canadore College of Arts and Technology. During his time there, Jesse developed a strong passion for film and cinematography and mastered the skills to be a professional director.

Jesse has since been working professionally in the Ottawa on independent films, professional commercials for well-established businesses, music videos, and of course, Your Casting Academy’s film projects. He has showcased many of his works in local Film Festivals, establishing a great reputation. A reputation that serves any filmmaker exactly what they want on a silver platter.

He brings the best performances out of all our students. Aspiring actors will never be intimidated of the camera every again after his classes. They will understand and be able to deliver professionally on film sets whatever a director and his/her crew wants to perfection.

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Cancellation Policy: Student must cancel 10 business days in advance of class start date to receive a 50% refund.There are no refunds for students who withdraw less than 10 business days in advance of class start date.

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